Internet Marketing Strategies to Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Internet marketing is one of the fastest growing online sectors and least understood. If done strategically, it gives you exposure throughout the Internet for your products and services and will deliver a high rate of return for your efforts. However, since there are so many moving parts that you might not know what to do first, second, and so forth – I have developed an Internet Marketing 101 Checklist:

1. Search Engine Optimization of Content: Content is where it all begins. It engages the visitor and makes them react (buy, read more, bookmark, navigate, etc.). Make certain it is easy to read for people and for search engines to index and rank.

2. Create New Relevant, Keyword Rich Content: Once your website is optimized, you need to be proactive in producing more and more relevant keyword rich content. Again, all content must be relevant to searches and optimized.

3. Utilize a Pay Per Click Campaign: Paying for traffic (visitors click on your online ads) is search engine advertising. You bid for keywords that are related to your products and services which you promote in your website content. It is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic if you are not well ranked on the free or organic side of the search engines.

4. Article Marketing: Writing articles and them more articles is an effective way to drive traffic to your site, position you as an expert in your field, help create more incoming links, and keep your rankings up on the search engines. Once written, articles should be submitted to directories, online PR publishers, and RSS feeds. Every article should be published on your website in an articles or resources page with a bookmark button.

5. Social Media Networking: Face it, we are social creatures. The social media networking explosion is an extension of our egos or ourselves. Just think Facebook or MySpace. Of course there are many networking vehicles you should have a profile on to deliver more information to hungry readers. It is not just for friend to friend interaction. Companies are taking it to the next level and business is being conducted through this social media.

6. Create and Maintain a Blog: Because the online consumer is more in control of what they read and decide, companies must connect with them on a more personal emotional level. In essence, develop an online personality. Humanize your products and services and blog about their direct features and benefits, peppered with testimonials. And the more you blog, the more content is created about you.

7. Video Marketing: With the growing popularity of video, people are more responsive to it than to simple audio or static web pages. Now there are even Internet Television websites where you can post your videos. Having video on your website and placing it on directories will bring your offerings to life and create a greater click through rate.

8. Web Widget Marketing: Widgets are small icons that reside in HTML and highlight specific content from your website. They have the ability to quickly introduce products and services to their target markets. They can reside on websites or blogs, ready to be downloaded to a desktop with a click and are a new marketing technique to build brand awareness.

9. Mobile Marketing: This will take a little time to develop, but it is good to prepare for the next web wave. Websites will emerge that can be easily accessed and read by mobile devices. Your website will in essence be a mobile advert.

10. Email Marketing Strategy: Continue to develop an online relationship with you visitors through continued email marketing campaigns and to grow your online client base. You want to engage your list with relevant content – newsletters, special offers, and information to enhance their lives. Email marketing is still alive and well as long as it is permission based. Customers will continue to look forward to your communications and doing business with you.

Implementing These Strategies: Following these 10 Internet marketing strategies will help you stay ahead of your competition and position you to succeed online.

Pitfalls of Using Social Networking in Internet Marketing

Social networking is a very important aspect of your Internet business and marketing mix and one that cannot be avoided any longer. However, as fun as it is, and as good as it can be, there are some pitfalls that can not only destroy your social networking but also your reputation and your business.

1. Automation — While some automation is necessary you must realize that if you do not answer questions, respond to people, and do not seem human on your social media platform people will notice.

2. Direct messages– Sending direct messages to strangers to tell them about your product or service without their permission should not be done. If they did not ask, don’t send a direct message to them. This is no different than emailing people who have not opted into your list. Just because they follow you or friend you does not mean they want unsolicited direct messages.

3. Spamming — People feel used if every last Tweet or share is something you are selling or making money off. Don’t do it, be less transparent than that.

4. Not reading — Read what people say to you, and respond if is appropriate. Even if you can only read once a day and respond directly then, do so. You could miss a very valuable relationship by not reading what your followers or friends are saying.

5. Going nuts — Don’t send out messages, especially the same message, 56 times a day. Also, I’m not real sure if your entire list of followers and friends needs to know that you just walked from your living room to your kitchen to get coffee. (or worse, went to the bathroom)

6. Addiction — Avoid being obsessive and getting addicted to reading every last tweet or status update all day long because you will fall behind in your work. Set aside specific times to deal with social networking and get back to work the rest of the time.

7. Being negative — Unless you run a review site and are telling people about a review that happened to be negative, try not to be negative on social networking sites. No one likes a downer when they’re trying to socialize and network.

8. Not target marketing — Even within social networking there is much room for targeting your market. Try to separate your business identity with your personal identity as soon as possible so that you do not offend people when you finally realize that you must protect your business followers from your crazy uncle Ned.

9. Not doing it yourself — It is perfectly fine to outsource some aspects of your social media, but the truth is, no one can be “you” as well as you can do you. Save the personal comments to do yourself, let your virtual assistant do some of the other tasks.

10. Making useless comments– Going around making useless comments on message boards, on blogs, on Facebook, Twitter and other avenues will not endear you to your people. So just don’t do it. If you do not have a truly useful thing to say about something, say nothing at all.

Mail Marketing For Criminal Defense Law Firms and Attorneys

Mail marketing can be an extremely effective advertising platform for any new or established criminal defense attorney. Thousands of people are arrested every day in the State of Florida. Many of those arrested will seek private legal counsel. Direct marketing to individuals recently arrested can not only help those arrested to find legal representation, it will also help criminal defense attorneys to increase their client base.

Direct marketing can help any criminal defense attorney increase their monthly revenue by thousands of dollars. Believing in the mail advertising platform will be easy once you try and successfully land a new client as a result. Direct mail advertising can become a criminal defense attorneys ultimate source for new clients.

Many attorneys feel that mail marketing is expensive and is not worth the overhead associated with it. They cannot be further from the truth. Unfortunately many criminal defense attorneys do not understand the potential that mail marketing has, and more importantly that a tiny investment can return massive profits.

Understanding the business logic of direct mail is extremely important. For instance, a TV advertisement can cost many thousands of dollars for just a short period of air time. Direct mail advertising, on the other hand, can cost a few hundred dollars a month, and can be used indefinitely. With TV advertising you are paying for the production of the commercial, the time slot of the commercial and the advertising company assisting you through the process.

With mail advertising you are able to do everything yourself within your practice. Create your own letter, print your own envelopes and mail them yourself. You can create custom flyers at an extremely affordable price and simply print labels to attach onto the flyers.

Even better is the fact that your money is going directly to individuals recently arrested, and not broadcast over the air to individuals that may never need or use your service. Direct mail is extremely cost effective and offers an extremely high return on investment.

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