Internet Business Marketing – How to Promote Your Web Site

So you’ve set up an online business…but what now?How will you let the world know about your business and the products you sell?Firstly, do you have clear goals? What is the purpose of your internet business? Do you want to blog for fun, will you sell other people’s products, or will you create your own products to sell?Assuming you have a product to sell, here are some ideas about internet business marketing.Firstly, be very clear about what it is that you’re selling. Are you selling a physical product, or are you selling information or expertise? You may have knowledge about a certain area – write an e-book about it and sell it online.Importantly, once you know what you’re selling, clarify the value the product provides to the consumer. Who is it aimed at, what are their problems or concerns, and how does your product solve their problems?Once you know all this, it’s time to get your web page ready. Take a look at your site and determine what your goals are when a new visitor arrives. Ideally, you want them to take some kind of action i.e. buy your product, register for your email list etc. Be blunt about this and make it obvious to a new visitor what you want them to do. If you’re selling a product, make it very clear about how to purchase it.Set up a sales page that addresses your prospect’s concerns and fears, and clearly shows how your product will meet their needs.So how do you get the word out with smart internet business marketing?Find popular blogs and forums in your niche. Leave comments that add value on those blogs. Some will be no-follow – that doesn’t matter. The purpose is to get those blog viewers to read your comment and click on your link.Offer to write guest articles on related sites in exchange for links to your site.Give away your product to the key thought leaders in your niche. Ask them to review it and provide you with testimonials. Let them become affiliates – most will have email lists that they can market to.I’ve seen some people suggest that you target one or two key players and offer them 100% commission on any sales they introduce. Whilst you lose the initial money, you could gain a lot of new customers, all who will provide you with their email addresses so you can market directly to them in the future. In addition, some of them may become affiliates themselves and give you new sales at a more reasonable revenue split.Consider pay per click (PPC) advertising through Google. Make sure you’ve done your keyword research beforehand and target specific search terms. Depending on your product you could even target geographical regions. Track your results and make sure you’re obtaining a decent return on your investment. Experiment with different ads and even different landing pages.Add a bonus to your product to make it appear more special. Also consider adding some scarcity to the product offer. You could limit the total number of products sold (easy to do with paintings etc) or you could introduce some earlybird pricing i.e. a lower price for the first week or for the first 200 copies of an e-book.Consider offline marketing as well. You may be able to target local media, business organisations etc that your customers belong to. Consider writing for different publications in exchange for links to your site.Don’t forget the power of social media like Twitter and Facebook. Promote your product, ask others to help with the promotion as well. Consider finding other people in similar or complimentary fields and offer to help each other. They can promote your product to their list in exchange for you promoting their product to your customers.Finally, in internet business marketing remember to track your results, and to always be on the lookout for new opportunities.

Three Ways to Grow Your Insurance Agency List to Boost Your Marketing Program

Whether your insurance agency list includes both email addresses and postal addresses, you can and should use both email and direct mail to market your products and services. Email marketing continues to be an effective means with which to market to all insurance agency professionals. The ability to quickly email customers and prospects is a great way to develop a marketing relationship with your customers and prospects. Postcards and personalized letters sent through the US Mail help to add credibility and memorability to your marketing program.

But if your list has grown stale, it may be time to breath new life into it. There are several methods that you can use to increase the reach of your insurance agency list.

If you have a website or blog, you should be sure to have somewhere on your site where visitors can opt-in to your email list. This is typically done by offering visitors a free e-book, a free report or subscription to a newsletter. Be sure to place your opt-in form “above the fold” on your website for maximum visibility. People who visit your site and fill out your opt-in form are great qualified leads because they sought out your business and voluntarily filled out your form.

Driving traffic to your site for the purpose of generating new leads can be a time-consuming, but important process. It is one that deserves your attention. But there are two more ways to boost your insurance agency marketing leads.

One way is to obtain an insurance agency list list is to visit your state government website. Often times, your state will offer lists of insurance agents either free or for a small fee. These lists may come in varying formats but most can easily be converted to a format that can be read by your email program or mailing list application. Some states offer the download directly from their sites while others will require you to complete a form and mail it along with a check to a processing center.

The next way to obtain an insurance agency list is to buy or rent them from an insurance agency marketing list provider. Buying an insurance agency list is likely the fastest way to grow your marketing list. While a purchased list may cost more upfront, the cost can typically be offset by time savings and by winning just a few new customers. There are additional benefits to buying an Insurance agency list:

1. You can use the list as many times and as often as you want.

2. Allows you to expand your marketing reach quickly.

3. The lists can be downloaded and come in easy-to-use formats.

4. You can test your marketing materials to different segments of your list until you find a combination that works.

5. The list comes in a format that you can begin using almost immediately.

6. Buying a list saves you time and money over searching for new contacts on your own. The marketing list provider does the collection and formatting for you.

7. Owning a list gives you control and flexibility on how to use the data.

Email marketing can help you reach your market more quickly and cost effectively, however, direct mail marketing continues to be one of the more effective marketing weapons-particularly when it is used in combination with email marketing.

Failing at Network Marketing? It’s Not Your Fault

I know if you are reading this right now, it’s because you want more out of life… spending more time with family, being able to experience all those things you’ve put on hold for that elusive “someday”. You may have tried your hand at network marketing and failed… maybe more than once… but you’re not ready to throw in the towel.

If someone was finally willing to teach you HOW to achieve online success, would you be interested?

Mark Cuban, American billionaire entrepreneur, said regarding failure:

“It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because… All that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are.”

The key concept here is LEARN.

Interestingly enough, marketing guru Philip Kotler said that “marketing takes a day to learn but unfortunately a lifetime to master.”

Network marketing is an often misunderstood business, and I have found that one of the primary differences between the top income earners and those who fail in network marketing is the ability to answer the most common questions consistently asked by potential prospects.

If you were never taught how to answer a few basic questions, I’m going to teach you how to address the top three information gathering questions usually asked by applicants.

Most people when facing new situations are afraid of failing. If you learn how to relieve prospects’ fears by effectively answering their most commonly asked questions, you will succeed in business.

Here are the TOP 3…

1. Can people really make money at network marketing?

ANSWER: Yes, but the only people who do are those who treat this like a business and work at it every day. Our company provides excellent training, and I will be there to help you succeed; but ultimately the success or failure of your business is up to you. So, are you ready to start making money?

2. How much time will this require?

ANSWER: That will depend upon your goals. If you would like to make a few dollars a month, you could probably invest five hours a week or less. However, if you want to develop a full time income, so that you can fire your boss and enjoy more time freedom, then you will need to invest at least 15 hours a week. The great part is that we have tools that will help you leverage that time. Let’s take a look at those tools and then your schedule to see if this is going to work for you.

3. Does this require sales?

ANSWER: This one is a bit tricky. First I will ask: “Do you enjoy sales?” If they say “no” then I respond, “That’s great because you don’t have to be salesperson in order to succeed. This is a business of sharing information, and we have great tools that will present the products/services and business to your candidates. All you do is work with those who are interested.”

Now, if they say that they like sales, I say, “That’s great. People who are good at sales often do very well in this business.”

Successful Network Marketing isn’t some secret that only a few select individuals are privy to. Never lose sight of this fact: you’re dealing with people, real people. Listen to them; build a rapport with them; answer all their questions and gain their trust.