Network Marketing Recruiting Success Tips in the New Millennium

Network marketing recruiting success is crucial to your business. After all, we only do two things within our industry. Which is to retail our products or services, and to get really really good at MLM sponsoring.

These are the only two skills you ever need. Everything else is just stuff, just fluff. Now I will say personal development is keenly important, yet not as important as real strategies and methodoliges that have seen tons of success with network marketing recruiting.

So what do you do when you have someone going through your funnel?

Well there is certain things you can do to increase your MLM recruiting success.

Tip #1 to Network Marketing Recruiting Success

Know what you’re talking about! So many times networkers try to sponsor me with ways that add absolutely no value to my life first off, and second of all they usually know LESS about their company than I do!

You must have knowledge on your opportunity and products.

Or at least always have an upline ready to answer your prospects questions or some sort of tool you can handout or show to them.

Tip #2 to Network Marketing Recruiting Success

Direct sales success relies strictly on you becoming a leader. In order to become a leader you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone quite a bit initially. Look at this as your growing phases.

Read books on leadership, watch tapes, videos, dvds and attend seminars on personal development.

The most important thing that you can start applying right away into your business is after the prospect has seen your presentation, just assume the close.

Assume that they want to work with you and are just waiting for you to sign them up.

A great closing question is, “What did you like best about what you saw?” followed up, “That’s a great reason. So let’s sign you up, are you near your computer?”

People are initially followers, in order for themselves to breakout of the rut, they need a leader to tell them what to do.

Tip #3 to Network Marketing Recruiting Success

Again, though direct sales success is based off of you as an individual, you’re going to need some sort of system setup for your downline to learn what it is they have to do to create their own network marketing recruiting success stories.

The most powerful ways I have found to sponsor people is by using internet systems in combination with offline traditional strategies into a resounding blend.

Combining both of these mediums creates the most leverage you could possibly ever hope to achieve.

And that is what we are all about right?

Seek out these systems, there is a lot of them out there with only very few that are worth their salt or weight in gold.

Once you find that system, make sure your downline uses it, and promote it yourself. Some of the greatest and fastest success stories in our industry came about as a direct relation to the powers of the internet.

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