Direct Online Marketing

Direct online marketing is one specific way to use your Internet based business website to attract buyers of the products and services you have to offer. This type of marketing can include the result of an Internet search where specific keywords are entered into a search engine. In other words, an Internet user would type in a keyword, and your website appears on the list of search engine results. The key to making direct online marketing work for your online business is to have an easy-to-use website.

You can create your own website. This takes much knowledge of computer programming in HTML, the computer code that is used to set up website pages. If you are starting an Internet business, you likely will not have time to set aside to become adept at HTML when your business is in the growing stages. You need to get your product or service out in front of the public quickly and inexpensively, in order to generate sales, pay expenses and turn a profit.

It is not enough to know computer code, however. You also need to be well versed in web design as well. How the web pages are set up will increase or decrease their ease of use by those potential shoppers who drop by to browse your Internet based business website. If it is too confusing or too complicated to understand the information on the web page, the browsing shopper will simply click and move on to another website.

Designing an effective Internet based business website that utilizes direct online marketing also requires extensive marketing experience. Knowing how to represent your product or service to the purchasing public is a major factor in the success or failure of company websites.

There are, however, easy solutions for the entrepreneur who wants to put together a simple yet attention-grabbing Internet based business website easily and inexpensively. Free easy to use website templates make this possible. These professional website templates take all the guesswork out of creating a new business website. The business website templates have been put together by experts in the field of web design and marketing, so that your product or service looks great online right from the outset. You simply add your company content and upload the pages to create your own mini website. It is that quick and easy. Let the experts help you with your direct online marketing by using free business website templates to create your business minisite.

Internet Marketing Ezine and Email Marketing – Discover the Benefits Today

Email marketing and internet marketing ezine distribution have never been so important as they are now in the ultra competitive web internet marketing world. Since the advent of advanced information technology the internet has been an invaluable tool for working online from home. This brings with it great freedom and financial rewards if handled correctly.

For those who say that ‘the money is in the list’ they are not far wrong and for many internet marketers working from home in particular usually as sole traders, up to 90% of their income can come from email subscribers and through the internet marketing ezine newsletters they send out to their list often weekly or fortnightly.

In this article I’ll be discussing the many benefits of this process below.

The Benefits Of Opt In Email Marketing

Some of the many benefits to be gained from opt-in email marketing which make it an internet marketers dream once it’s up and running include establishing;

a direct market of highly targeted and interested customers to email directly
a long term customer base which gives the internet business longevity and stickability in the ever changing world of cyberspace
a relationship of loyalty with the customer base is set up by treating them well and sending out only valuable and interesting content
a free traffic source without the need for expensive advertising or time consuming traffic generation tactics.
All this is in the ideal marketing world but I’m sure you can relate to the common scenario in web internet marketing these days. These consists of giving your email address to a marketer only to be bombarded with junk emails selling products or asking for your email address for various other opt in pages. Soon your inbox is overflowing with pages of junk email messages, and that is just from one marketer! No content or real value has been provided and in the fierce world of internet competition the only way to go with this is to the unsubscribe link.

The Benefits of Internet Marketing Ezine Newsletter Distribution

Once a customer has downloaded the free eBook or their new bought product or service the email list owner faces the task of sending regular good quality and valuable content to their list. This can feel like a mammoth task and a time consuming one at that especially for the internet marketing sole trader.

Therefore a very useful and powerful way of giving value to customers through emails has been developed and that is through sending an internet marketing ezine newsletter to customers.

Some newsletters are very poor, granted, but a good internet marketing ezine newsletter is worth its weight in marketing gold, some reasons for this include;

Newsletters remove a major marketing headache regarding email content. If you have (or can acquire) 52 high quality internet marketing newsletters you have a years worth of weekly content
Through the newsletter you get to stay in contact with your list and update them about new products and information relating to your niche or site.
Through weekly contact a relationship is slowly being built up and the subscriber feels they can trust you not to fill their inbox with junk! Trust is a priceless commodity and has to be earned and not abused with junk offers
You stand out from the crowd because you are giving to your customers regularly rather than just receiving
You are creating branding for your site and your products with each new email contact
After sending a few newsletters you can ‘pop’ in some offers here and there to test the water
Virtual communities are hungry for new content and information, a good, high quality newsletter hits the mark in a more personal, exclusive way through email rather than posting all the content on your site.
Opt in email lists are one of the most valuable of assets of any on line business and they should be treated as such. As an email list increases, so too sales and profits increase, they are directly related in the majority of on line business models.

In fact starting and building an email list with an ezine content source will save you hours in time and effort making sales.

Personally, I didn’t know the many benefits from email list marketing and ezine newsletter content when I began. I needed to watch these free videos to consolidate my knowledge and skills on this subject. This training video course is 26 modules long and shows you step by step how to build a list from scratch.

3 Reasons Not To Hire A Marketing Agency

Are you considering hiring a marketing agency to do the marketing side of things for you? If so, then you may want to consider this option. Most of the work that they can do for you are things that you can do for yourself. Plus, the fees that they charge to come up with campaigns for you are outrageous.You don’t need to hire an agency. Your success in business depends on 2 things: a good list, and a good offer. I’m confident that you already have the offer, but the list is something that you don’t know how to get. Heck, some marketing agencies don’t even know how to get the list for you.So why shouldn’t you hire a marketing agency? Well, I’ve put together some of my top reasons why you shouldn’t use a marketing agency. Here’s reason number 1:1) They cost too muchFor what they charge you, you could probably run a few display ads in your local newspaper – along with a direct mail campaign. And I’m willing to bet that you don’t have the money to fork over just to try out a new “marketing secret”. Your funds are probably tight, and needs to be used on something that is proven and guaranteed to work.If you don’t have the thousands of dollars to hiring a marketing agency, I suggest you don’t do it. Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t hire a marketing agency:2) The work is easyEverything that they will do for you, you can do for yourself. And eventually you will have to start doing things on your own because once the contract is up with you and marketing agency, you will have to go back and start marketing on your again. This probably makes you want to vomit, but it’s just the truth of the matter.Here’s the last reason why you shouldn’t hire an agency3) You could find a good course on marketingInstead of spending thousands on a marketing agency, you should know that there are “small business marketing products” out there that will help you to market your business. And these products cost considerably lower than what it would cost you to hire a marketing firm.All you need to know about is something called “direct response marketing”. Marketing agencies specialize in brand advertising, instead of delivering you results right away – so you have to keep this in mind. Brand advertising will always take a longer time to work than direct response advertising, so give brand advertising the boot, and stick with direct response.With all of these options considered, this is why I don’t consider you using a marketing agency when you can do the marketing yourself. Believe in yourself as a business owner and start bringing new customers into your place of business. You can do it without betting the farm on a marketing agency. 2+2 just doesn’t equal 4 when you hire an agency – so keep that in mind.Good luck with using these tips to have the kind of marketing success you crave.