The Top 3 Article Marketing Secrets You Must Know

The Power of Article Marketing

The main objective for writing articles as part of internet marketing is to provide information and establish expertise. The second reason would be to direct your readers to your website by providing a link at the end of each article. If they see something of benefit from your article, then they will feel compelled to click on the link you have provided with the promise of gaining something of higher value.

Simply put, article marketing is like providing a sample or a short glimpse into what your website can offer its readers. If you can execute it well enough, then you could increase your sales within the shortest time possible. Below are three basic secrets you can incorporate into your article marketing campaign.

Secret #1

You need to take advantage of article marketing since you simply have to worry about writing a content that is related to the actual content of your website. It cuts down the SEO work since that part of the job is done by the owner of the online article directory to which you have submitted your articles to. Although it earns the owner of the article directory money, it could also let your article obtain free SEO and traffic then direct them into your website.

It is therefore important to start with the basics in article marketing to achieve the best results. Make sure you comply with the minimum length and certain quality standards in order to be listed by the leading search engines. Keep your articles at about 500-word length and provide no more than two links on your author resource box such that search engine spiders will not be alerted of a spam.

Secret #2

Another one of the top article marketing secrets is quite basic and simple to follow. If you can, try to save and submit your article in a text file. Other word formats such as Microsoft Word contain their own formatting code that might be indexed by the search engine spiders and could potentially affect your performance on the web page directory.

Secret #3

As mentioned above, some article directory sites offer you the ability to leave links to your site on the resource box. Make sure to include no more than 3 links since this appears to be the maximum for most sites. If possible, make sure that each link is unique. Leaving multiple links on the same site could potentially backfire on your SEO campaign.

Although most website owners focus entirely on the subjective aspect of their article marketing campaign, you need to keep in mind of the top three basic article marketing secrets to ensure that none of your efforts fail. You therefore have to strike a balance between the two – make sure the your articles are of high quality and value to your readers, but at the same time it must be properly indexed by the search engines to improve traffic and increase online visibility.

What You Should Know About Buying a Realtor’s List For Marketing

They have tried it in the past and it has not generated the results they expected.

They believe that purchasing a Realtors list for marketing is too costly.

If they had the time to research it further most would find both of the reasons listed above could be misinterpreted information.

For those who did not get the results from the list that the were expecting, the reason likely had more to do with the marketing than it did with the list. The key to successful marketing is consistency of message and frequency of message. It can take 20 or more contacts with prospective customers before they make a decision to buy. For Realtors, it can take even longer if your service competes directly with one with which your target already has an established relationship.

Check your marketing message to be sure that it’s addressing the pain, issues, and concerns of the people on your Realtors list. Realtors will buy from you if the benefits that you provide will solve their problems. The key is for you to keep your message in front of them so when their pain motivates them, your message will be there.

If you have not considered buying a Realtors list because of the cost, you may find that you can recover the cost of the list by attracting just a few new Realtors as customers. How much are you willing to spend to attract a new customer? That depends on the lifetime value of a customer. Would you spend a few hundred dollars to attract a customer who, over their lifetime will generate thousands in revenue? Of course you would. That’s why knowing the lifetime value of a customer is so important.

A friend recently bought a home and received a beautiful landscape painting of a nearby park as a thank you gift from their Realtor. The artist was a local area resident that had found a unique way to market their artwork to new area residents as well as find a new and loyal repetitive customer base of Realtors.

This savvy artist decided that showing in local art fairs wasn’t generating enough revenue and decided to try a direct marketing campaign with the help of a Realtor. If you are a local area business you may be in a similar situation as this artist. You know who your existing customer base is but how do you find new customers as they enter the community?

You could spend hours each week researching new home purchases, blanket or ‘canvas’ market to the community, or just throw the whole marketing budget into printed advertisements of one kind or another.

As our artist friend found, purchasing a Realtors list from a marketing list provider was a much better use of her limited advertising budget. Her marketing message was directed to the exact people she had identified as both potential repeat customers; Realtors, and potential new customers; new home owners. By taking the time to develop and execute a marketing strategy, identifying an exact target market of Realtors, then narrowing this list to a specific area her cost to purchase a Realtors list was not only less expensive then the entrance fee for one art show, but provided a great value also

7 Simple Steps to Increase Your Profit With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically a technique of marketing where a secondary website is utilised to steer the traffic towards the primary website. The affiliate marketing business employs affiliates who aid in the company’s marketing strategy and are directly involved in promoting the company’s products. It is an online marketing technique and garners a substantial online income.

Affiliate marketing is a very active kind of marketing technique and if successfully done it ensures immense increase in the sales rate. It is absolutely possible to increase profit rate through affiliate marketing. There are different methods to do so.

Methods to increase your profit through affiliate marketing:

1. There are many affiliate agencies in the market. First of all it is mandatory that you chose one that works the best for you. Not only should it be able to work according to your specific needs but it should be reasonably priced. It is necessary to start cost effectiveness from this primary level.

2. Affiliate programs often have offers that require you to pay only when the hits get converted to sales. This is a contract that works best for both the company and the affiliate.

3. Even when you are associated with an affiliate program there is no harm in taking some self measures. Many times companies prefer to have an additional in house affiliate team that ensure that the advertisements are published in popular and well maintained blogs or websites for maximum amount of exposure.

4. It will amount to nothing if the hits do not get converted to sales. The companies should try to pitch custom presentations to individuals for maximum amount of sales conversion ratio.

5. The companies should research the affiliate sites regularly to see whether the sites are up to date. In some cases it is seen that the sites that have mostly published links do not publish quality content all the time. In that case the site becomes stagnant and that in turn affects the traffic on the published links as well

6. It should be remembered that the affiliates have no influence over the conversion of the traffic to sales. As such it is vital to prepare effective presentations. Therefore, the companies must keep themselves well informed about the consumers’ details if they have filled out forms during sign up at the affiliate sites.

7. The affiliates payments or reward system should be well maintained. You should also check the affiliate sites for publishing questionable contents as the reputation of the affiliate website holds a direct effect on your companies’ reputation as long as you are associated with it.

The main point in this type of, marketing is that they do not have any direct influence on the customers. Thus, they cannot guarantee a sure shot sale. However, if a company can properly utilise, the consumers’ and their details that are available at the affiliate websites, the company’s profits are bound to increase dramatically.